My ideal bank looks like …


Sometimes I think I should change my bank, and it’s not just that sends me weekly reminders on how much I may in bank fees. While the biggest deterrent is the that I have automatic bill-pay set up so I can pay utilities, telecommunications, maintenance and I can receive rent at my current bank account, and switching would require an unpleasant afternoon of being placed on hold at various bureaucratic institutions setting up my new one. Nonetheless,  I am aggravated by Scotiabank’s $12/mth fee, $1.50-$3.00 charges whenever I use non-home bank ATM’s, $5.00 ATM fees abroad and $35+ for cheques each refill. I’ve been moderately shopping for a new lending institution, and while I’ve made my list of what I am looking for, I was wondering what others look for in a perfect bank? Is it cafe-like branches filled with iPad’s and tellers in bright orange t-shirts like the ING model, or is it telephone banking, or automatic bill-pay? Or does your perfect bank a mixture of features that you just don’t think you can get anywhere? And as such, I put it to you – check out the poll below and vote for the most important feature of YOUR perfect bank, or what would make you switch lending institutions. Time to hear directly from the consumers!


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