Film Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic


titleBased on the novel by Sophie Kinsella, it’s a story of the financially irresponsible in all of us, and strikes a touching cord with the struggles and sacrifice of actually changing one’s life (and lifestyle) to get OUT of debt (not to mention to gain back control of one’s life.) It’s a common place discussion with the amount of debt everyone has, yet the concrete steps people fail to take to change their situation need to be told that it will be hard, and that ‘hoping for a better job that pays more’ or getting a raise are not the best course of action. Sacrifice and hard work is what will most often pay off, begin able to say “No, can’t afford it!’ will help you immeasurably in the end. Such as is the thesis of this movie.

Rebecca Bloomwood has been living in NYC for 5 years, working asrebecca bloomwood a journalist. When she loses her job (and the interview for her dream job), her 16,000 worth of debt forces her to take a job at a money magazine, ironically as a financial journalist. For a number of weeks she leads a double life as someone giving out financial advice to the public by day and being hunted down by debt collectors by night. Along with her roommate Suze, she starts to make improvements, by attending an addictions group and taking inventory of all her stuff,
yet a trip to Miami, Suze’s wedding, a TV appearance, a bundle of lies and a conniving archrival make sure she hits rock bottom in the worst way. With her parents advice. “If the American economy can be this much in debt and still function, so can you’, she is forced to climb out of the huge mess she made for herself, all by her self.

With a fun cast of Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krystan Ritter, Joan Cusack and John Goodman, directed by PJ Hogan, this is a great movie for anyone who has struggled with their cents!


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