How to Control Spending When You’ve Got Your Debt Under Control


I’ve paid off my debt. My bank account balance is healthy again. I am spending too much. I see things, and because I have the money, I buy them. Yes, I needed a bag (sort, of) and yes I bought a beautiful one, but is it worth the $200 price tag. I’m afraid my spending habits will just land me back in debt I can’t pay off in a few months – and not sure what to do.

I think I am one of those people that just should not have a credit card, and simply opt for a debit credit card, in which I can still make on-line purchases for things like flights and such, but it only lets me spend money I have. Yes, that might be the best way. People think we need credit cards to build up credit, but I think the whole notion of credit scores is kind of overrated. Perhaps because I already own, and so I am coming from a different perspective, and I just think that the cycle that credit cards put us in are vicious! It never allows us to get ahead!

What are some of your methods to cope with spending problems? Vote below:


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