Want some advice? Don’t take any.



Ever been at a crossroads, not knowing what to do? A tough interview, after a mediocre first date, or a weekend away with friends when you know you probably might not be able to afford? Or how often have you rationalized that you don’t want to invest with someone because you don’t trust them, but do nothing in the alternative, and remain as broke as ever because you are focused on someone’s personality, as opposed to your saving, as you should be.


A typical course of action is too over-rely on your mentor, order 2 martini’s and solicit advice from your girlfriends (of whom has never met the person on question they are giving you advice on) or stress about it to the trip organizer (who is always biased towards you going, hence being the organizer) and leads you to the standard, what they think as opposed to the actual proper course of action.


Too often we rely on what others say, or don’t say as opposed to relying on our own gut feeling. And while listening to others is much easier and in the end safer, it fails to bring the satisfaction of knowing you are acting on your instincts alone, and are prepared for the consequences and rewards of your decisions. The absence of responsibility as left people in a bit of a bubble. No one wants to take a risk, no one wants to get hurt. We choose the painless option, more often than not. Someone failed to tell all of us that there is no pain-free route of life. Because we have feelings, we will get hurt, and that’s okay. We will fail, but at least they will be our own failures, and we can take responsibility for it. Experience, after all, is life’s greatest teacher. And from there we can individually get better, more comfortable in our own decisions. This will allow us to make our own objectives easier, become planners and work towards something, whether it is affording the next weekend away or affording your retirement — and the ability to make (and adjust) your own goals yourself .

What are some of your own financial goals? How have you had to adjust theses goals in your own lives?


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