Taxes: This weekend’s project


SONY DSCWho wants free money? Well, okay, it’s not free – but it is money entitled to you if you qualify, and for those that don’t know, that would be your TAX REFUND. How do you get more money, you might ask? You do this by filing your taxes! If you have everything ready, perhaps even this weekend! No time like the present for a weekend a project, and if you are feeling very adventurous (wait for it) you can even stop by the post office, and pick up a booklet so you can file your taxes. Yourself. Granted there are other options. Turbo Tax is probably the most common way to file yourself with easy step by step instruction to make sure you get everything in check. This is an online software that guides you through the entire tax return. Your 3rd option would be to go to a place like H&R Block, with accountants on demand and no appointment necessary (but advisable to help with your wait time) and further if you at that stage, you can hire an actual accountant.

Granted, there is another option. Chinatown is full of tax-filers that are willing to do your return for 20 dollars. And they probably got near perfect scores on the SAT yet you’re able to catch them in a break and get a break on fees.


It’s up to you, but just see this as a reminder to get it done! God luck and happy tax season!


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