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The Best Gift you Can Give your Children is a Good Marriage


SONY DSCOut to dinner recently with friends (ones that have been married over 40  years, at that) they, in a fashion that is very enthusiastically them, steered the conversation happily in the direction of new love and beginning a family, towards two of us that are about to embark on those new steps, at the other end of the spectrum. As the reminisced over when they first started a family, and began their lives together, some of their stories came as a breath of positive motivation, especially for those just starting off. One of the most poignant points came in a single line explaining that the best gift we could possibly give our children was a good marriage. Simple and clear, the message is just to love each other, respect each other, and always agree to continue committing to working together on this incredible life that you have chosen to pursue together. (Easier said than done, I guess, right). However I think the overlying theme is that it is worth it, and we should always remember that. Especially when family is involved as well, as children have the very keen sense of picking up things we think they don’t notice. It is actually said that a child esteems what their parent’s think of them, and therefore of themselves within the first 15 seconds of seeing them — how’s that for acute senses?

Some relationship thoughts to start your day …

27 Money Tricks Every 20 Something Should Know

27 Money Tricks Every 20 Something Should Know

Thought Catalog

1. Send a portion of what you earn directly every month (or week) into an account that you don’t touch. If you never even see it, and never count it in your spending money, you will be surprised how much you don’t miss it (and how quickly it can add up).

2. If you find a sale item that you’re interested in buying, check the online version of the store before you purchase — often, their sales are better online, and you can get an even bigger discount.

3. Google the coupon codes for online shopping you’re doing, as you never know when you can get an additional 15 percent off at checkout.

4. Always take out the money you’re planning on spending on a night out in cash, at the beginning, and leave your card at home. That way you have a budget set up from the get-go that…

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