Teaching Kids About Money


IMG_00000160Recently I was given the opportunity (through my awesome employer, I may add), to ditch the daily grind for the day and head straight for the classroom! Although this time it wasn’t to learn, but to share some of knowledge and passion for financial literacy with a grade 7 classroom. With an adventurous spirit and the longest I have ever been on the Finch West bus, I eventually got to my destination at Humber Summit Middle School. The project was coordinated by
 a wonderful organization that puts together programs such as the Dollars and Sense workshop we were able to facilitate with the kids. The day was geared towards teaching the kids about money. With the entire country (minus BC, which mandates financial literacy to be taught in high school) lacking the presence to allow kids to learn money sense in school, it leaves it up to programs such as these to introduce spending, saving and basic investment principals.

The day was an eye opener, and the eager students couldn’t take enough of it. Exercises that had them separate their needs and their wants showed them how little they really need. Examples that pointed out if they wanted to do something, sometimes the easiest is to make money themselves as opposed to expecting it form family. Budgeting exercises which simulated running a business and making decisions together as a team. Introducing money, saving, investment vehicles such as GIC’s, stocks and bonds. The program balanced instruction and teaching with lots of hands on learning through activities. We felt more like facilitators than teachers, happy to share our insights and keep up the energy for the days as the kids got creative with their money ideas.

They day was a lot of fun, and hope programs like these continue to flourish in schools!


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