A former financial advisor and regular spender and lover of travel across the globe, I have always had to watch my cents. 29, expecting, homeowner and mortgage free, maxed out RRSP, I still struggle with my month to month cash-flow, with an inability to say no to a good conversation and glass of wine (or two) with a friend. Here is my page to share my successes and struggles when it comes to personal finance. My short term goal is to create a budget that works with regular saving within our normal cash-flow. My long term goal is to put a down payment on a second property within a year and a half. My professional goal is to attain a full-time job in personal finance or promoting financial literacy this year. My personal goal is to run twice a week, running a 10K by spring or summer in under one hour . I would also like to read one personal finance book each month, alongside with learning one new recipe a month.

I can be contacted for referrals to good financial advisors in Toronto or any major Canadian centre, advice on your own personal financial plan or if you just want to share your horror stories with someone anonymous – I’ve seen it all working with over 200 individuals on their personal finances.


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